Aphrodite's Whispering Love Canary
  • Aphrodite's Whispering Love Canary
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Aphrodites Whispering Love Canary is an adorable little entity that exists in Aphrodites realm. Rather than created directly, they arose as a natural manifestation of the love energies. Aphrodite deeply adores them, treasuring them like her own children. While small, they are extraordinarily powerful and are hundreds to thousands of years old. Whispering Love Canaries are generally nonsocial beings that do not interact with their keeper directly and more or less exist in the background. If you were to try bonding with one, youd find a white canary with pale pink to magenta accents and a little pink crest on top of its head. Their energy can be intense if you try to mentally feel them out but Whispering Love Canaries need no bonding to do with they do best. What makes Whispering Love Canaries extraordinary is they amplify the love, sentimental, and sensual emotions around them by replicating it akin to a parrot. They weave a song of love and positive emotions that gets stronger and more palpable over time.

In owning a Whispering Love Canary, you will find that the emotional bonds you have with the people, animals, and spiritual beings around you will strengthen. Communication will become much clearer and you will come to understand and appreciate them in entirely new ways. You can expect to feel a greater sense of enjoyment around the people who matter to you as you begin to notice the various little traits that make them who they are and you will come to know why they are so important. You will find your pets to be much cuter and irresistible as you begin appreciate some of their cute little habits, annoying as they may be, and your patience with them will likewise become improved. Your bonds with your spirits will flourish as they will have an easier time coming forward and communicating with you, empowered by the Whispering Love Canarys song. You will learn how to become more comfortable, patient, accepting, and loving toward yourself as you realize all the wonderful things others see in you and why theyve continued to make you a part of their lives. Your doubts will wash away as you learn to truly give yourself to the things you love to do and as you see the value that it adds to your own life. All of these things will grow stronger over time and will continue to build throughout your life as you learn how to love and give to others and yourself in way that is authentically you.

Whispering Love Canaries are deeply loved by Aphrodite not just for their song, but because of their natural habit to build little Whispering Canary communities. While in the beginning, you are inviting only a single Whispering Love Canary to be with you, as the Whispering Canary sings a more beautiful song of love, it will undoubtedly attract more. In time, this song will attract other Whispering Canaries, who choose to make your life a part of theirs and will ever increase the presence of love and other positive emotions in your life and in the lives of those around you. Whispering Love Canaries will not change who you are, but they will change your understanding how the energies of love are flowing and manifesting in your life. Wherever they sing, there is beauty, wonder, and harmony, and when you learn how to listen to their song, your life will be transformed.

Naturally, having a Whispering Love Canary in your keep will improve your connection to Aphrodite.

Please contact me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com   I will need to know if you prefer your Whispering Love Canary bound to your spirit or to an object in your possession that youd like to use as a vessel. I do NOT currently have vessel options.

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Aphrodite's Whispering Love Canary
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