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Aphrodites Lavender Pearls is a powerful Immortal Artifact imbued with her various powers. Immortal Artifacts are nonphysical objects that appear on the spirit and astral planes. The Lavender Pearls are about two inches across and are a soft lavender color. They have resplendent, shining quality, and when you visualize holding them, they fill you with peace and love. They radiant a gentle, lavender glow. There are currently fourteen Aphrodites Lavender Pearls available, each with a unique power. You may only choose one of these per Pearl ordered. It is best to work with your Lavender Pearl through visualization and meditation. If you know how to sense energy, you can also command it through that. You will find many enriching experiences through the use of your own Lavender Pearl. Aphrodites Lavender Pearls are Gray Arts, at the middle of the Gray part of the Energy Spectrum, but they have a secondary energetic undertone that will shift across the spectrum to match what you work with best.

The Lavender Pearl of Appearance
The Lavender Pearl of Appearance aids in accepting your physical appearance, helping you to become more comfortable with yourself and ultimately helping your physical beauty to reflect your emotional, spiritual, and mental beauty. This is not a physical beauty of arrogance or condescension, but rather a beauty of humility and fulfillment. It is the type of beauty that is authentic and makes a person glow, metaphorically speaking. Youll feel your thoughts about yourself and your appearance be gently guided in a more loving direction and soon the various things you may find to be flaws in your appearance will blossom to become things that you truly appreciate as being uniquely you. You will find your approach to your health and habits will change as well and you will find it easier to move in the direction youd like to move in as far as your body is concerned. Is this a magickal, overnight, transformation? No. Its a process, but this pearl will serve as a wonderful influence and guide with its soft and sincere energies.

The Lavender Pearl of Love
The Lavender Pearl of Love aids in empowering the various connections and influences of Love in your life. You will become more aware of how it flows around you, how various people and beings in your life express it, and how you express it. It helps to teach you how to be a beautiful and healthy giver and receiver of love, and helps you confront any obstacles that may be preventing love from flourishing in your life. You will become a conduit for this incredible, bountiful energy and will come to appreciate it in entirely new ways as it spreads from you into the lives of those around you as a wonderful, transformative force. Do not underestimate this pearl. It is a life changer.

The Lavender Pearl of Sex
The Lavender Pearl of Sex helps you understand your sexual motivations, attitudes, and connections. It helps you explore and understand who you are as a sexual being and what ways you can connect to the sexual sides of others in a healthier way. You will begin to understand what obstacles may be standing in your way from having truly outstanding encounters and in what ways you can improve in anything and everything related to Sex. As a result of working with this Lavender Pearl, you will have a greater sex drive, sexual appeal, and confidence when it comes to sexual encounters. Youll also feel more connected to the working of sexual energy and all spirit beings who also work with it. Quite the opposite of becoming a porn star, the Lavender Pearl of Sex will help you become a respectful and truly divine lover of anyones dreams.

The Lavender Pearl of Radiance
The Lavender Pearl of Radiance taps into the power of beauty that is truly radiant and divine, the sort that begins within and radiates outward. It is a moving force that awes and inspires all around itself, but more than anything, it appreciates and understands the value it has to offer. In adopting the Lavender Pearl of Radiance, you are committing yourself to the path of your greater potential, and shall find a grounded and humble confidence, a growing acceptance and love for yourself, and an embrace of all the flaws that make you, you. For the bearer of a Lavender Pearl of Radiance, the perfection is in the imperfections and how you carry them. The true beauty about this pearl is it is ridiculously easy to work with. It has a natural draw and allure that makes your energy bond to it much faster than you ordinarily would. It also has a way of making itself noticed and remembered, so bonding exercises will be naturally frequent and allow for your resonance to progress even further. Should you come to own it, it shall easily become one of the most “persuasive” Immortal Artifacts in your keep. The Lavender Pearl of Radiance has a natural alignment with light, and fire to a lesser degree, which will pop up as an energetic theme in any casting it is powering or used to nudge.

The Lavender Pearl of Water
The Lavender Pearl of Water taps into the soothing, gentle aspects of water as a force of life and abundance. Elemental in its makeup, it helps forge a strong connection to Water and aids in mastering its gentler side. It does not contain the qualities of force and power that you would find in a tsunami or flash flood, at least not towards the intent of destruction. It is more like a sacred spring, a steady stream, or a soothing shower. Apparently, poetry and whimsicality are among its associations. It is peaceful, playful, and pure at its heart, being nurturing, nourishing, and a provider of plenty. Its uses are varied, limited only by your understanding of how it could be applied. With more bonding and building of resonance, more doors to deeper parts of its power shall be opened. As Aphrodite is serving as a conduit for this gentle water, her sensual qualities are bestowed to it as well.

The Lavender Pearl of Healing
The Lavender Pearl of Healing is overflowing with regenerative, healing energies that stem from the cosmic, universal power of Love. Universal Love is the core conduit for most forms of healing as well as the motivation for many beneficial acts. It is absolute in its pureness and support, and this Lavender Pearls taps it and its healing qualities. How these qualities are used is all within the hands of the owner. As examples, it can be used to stimulate healing abilities and aid in their development, cultivate a greater understanding of healing power through Cosmic Love, refresh ones energy to be more acute and aware, aid in healing the self or others, and give a sense of contentment and peace. It deals with all branches of healing, so long as they are tied to Love. Its power can be subtle in the beginning but with regular use, it amps up rather quickly.

The Lavender Pearl of Connection
The Lavender Pearl of Connection deals with, as the name would imply, connections. This is mostly the connections between people, easing communication and understanding and helping them see and work with each other in beneficial ways. It also draws like minds and complementary personalities together, two or more who truly bring out the best in each other and serve as positive influences. It is intended to aid with relationships, both in creating them and helping them flourish, but it can also be used with any other sort of connection to a slightly lesser degree, such as connections with friends and family members. It supports other sorts of connections too, such as with gods, spirits, magicks, and energies. There is a lot of potential and versatility in its power, essentially having an effect on any two or more things that can have a positive, beneficial link. It is important for me to point out that it does not guarantee a long-term relationship, only a fruitful and meaningful one.

The Lavender Pearl of Attraction
The Lavender Pearl of Attraction deals with the magnetism that brings forth things into our lives. The pearl helps create an understanding of how this process works and boosts the bringing things into your experience that you desire, be it knowledge, wealth, spiritual progress, or lovers. It works on both subconscious and conscious levels, meaning the things you really want but just cant bring yourself to ask for will be brought forward as well. You can direct its efforts and influence, but it will always seek to bring forth things that are needed alongside what is wanted. It can naturally be worked with to adjust your allure according to how you see yourself and how you would like to be seen, allowing others to be more drawn to you. It does not put things that are not there, merely makes them more noticeable and more intriguing because they are more noticeable. It can do this automatically to bring out the best qualities, if allowed. The process of bringing greater allure is a little tricky to work with, as it is safeguarded against being used in order to take advantage of others. The intention must be pure or else it will fail. It has a little bit of a learning curve but it is fun to figure out for the curious or more experienced. The Aphrodites Lavender Pearl of Attraction works complementary to Aphrodites Lavender Pearl of Connection.

The Lavender Pearl of Union
The Lavender Pearl of Union works with understanding where and how two or more things meet and weave together to create strength, often at the point where two become one and there is a lack of true separation between the individual parts. A simple example would be a family unit, engaging with a passion, or channeling an external force spiritually. The Lavender Pearl of Union has a lot of unique applications, but takes more thought to work with effectively. It is often better to let the Lavender Pearl show you what it wants in the beginning rather than attempting to direct it. It works well when it comes to examining the self extensively, see how past lives affect the present day, studying where spirit begins and soul ends, looking at how you engage with interests and passions and how the process can be made made effortless, or learning about a relationship and how you and a partner fit together. I will say that it does have a forte when it comes to serious, committed relationships and understanding what each partner brings, how they help each other, and potentially how they hinder each other. This applies just as much to spiritual relationships as physical ones. Naturally, it also gives the gift of incredible intimate engagements with said partners when worked with in the proper capacity. The Lavender Pearl of Union works complementary to Aphrodites Lavender Pearls of Love, Sex, and Connection.

The Lavender Pearl of Magick
The Lavender Pearl of Magick aids with the development of magickal insight, understanding, and abilities, providing a near constant but subtle stimulation that promotes consistent growth. While some may expect this to be focused on love magick, it actually works with your core as a caster and worker, meaning it affects everything tied to you that is magickal in nature. Regardless of your casting type, the Lavender Pearl of Magick will guide you to become more effective and capable. It makes you aware of blockages that could be hindering castings, potential issues with a casting and what ways to improve it, aids with openness and awareness in terms of being receptive to a castings energy and its result, and an awareness of emotions and intentions and how they are being implemented intentionally and unintentionally into castings. Overtime, it builds reach, strength, and duration of workings. Whether you are a beginning or more experienced, a Lavender Pearl of Magick will assuredly encourage growth in regards to your magickal path and endeavors.

The Lavender Pearl of Empathy
The Lavender Pearl of Empathy deals heavily with the realm of emotion, branching into the spiritual ability of empathy. It aids in the emotional understanding of others, but more than anything allows for emotional insight into the self, helping with plentiful emotional work that spurns growth and evolution as a person, resulting in a higher quality life. It creates lovely maturation that can only be fruitful in the long run, allowing for sound and balanced decisions and a lessening of insecurities and doubts, so long as you are willing to put consistent effort both into working with the Lavender Pearl and yourself. The development, cultivation, and control of the empathic ability to feel emotions and pain of others can be pursued if it is of interest. For those who already have this ability, it can help gain greater control and serve as a buffer when it comes to intense emotional energies. It can be worked with to create barriers, filters, safeguards, and anything else that may be useful in your interaction with the emotions, pains, and energies of others. It will guide the less knowledgeable in regards to what an emotion may mean and where it is coming from. It also gives an intuitive sense about how to approach a potentially complicated emotional situation. This sense will develop over time but will be highly beneficial to anyone and everyone when it comes to those difficult discussions.

The Lavender Pearl of Spirit
The Lavender Pearl of Spirit works within the spiritual realm of power and its associations. The Lavender Pearl of Spirit helps the development of innate abilities that deal directly with spirits, be it telepathy, the third eye, channeling, dream visitations, and so on. Dealings with the astral are also boosted as a natural result of this growth, but to a lesser degree. Knowledge, insight, and understanding of spiritual matters are easier to grasp and come more naturally. Manifestations are easier to encounter and witness of all kinds. It provides a constant but subtle stimulation to the spiritual senses, allowing them to open more but slowly over time. Also it brings a greater awareness to energy and aids with its understanding and manipulation. An excellent pearl to serve someone serious about improvement and progress on their spiritual journey.

The Lavender Pearl of Affluence
Aphrodites Lavender Pearl of Affluence deals with the powers of prosperity and abundance, providing forces that build and accumulate over time. It helps its owner be long term focused, see the bigger picture, and set motivating goals that help a person move successfully through life. While it does have an emphasis on material success, the Lavender Pearl of Affluence aids the success of other sorts of endeavors that tie back to prosperity and abundance, be it working with prosperity magick, connections to beings who aid success, or attracting others of positive influence that can help you stay motivated. Its goal is to create a state of affluence for its owner, build a sustainable network of useful professional contacts, and gift this prosperity to those in your inner circle, a much lighter influence than being the direct owner. For fun, Aphrodite has also let this pearl enhance sex appeal, making you indescribably more attractive to well-suited matches or to already present partners as your work with the pearl grows more fruitful.

The Lavender Pearl of Fantasy
Aphrodites Lavender Pearl of Fantasy deals with creativity, in both its erotic and humbler forms. As an owner of a Lavender Pearl of Fantasy, it will be a lot easier to achieve visions related to roleplay, tactile sensations that make it feel more believable, and crystal clear details when gazing through the third eye at the partner of the activity. After a time, these day fantasies will begin dipping into the state of dreams, making for fun and memorable experiences. In its humbler creativity, the Lavender Pearl of Fantasy brings forth ideas, especially in times when the creativity is just not flowing. It helps the creative spirit take on a more fluid and adaptable state, making it easier to be inspired and stay motivated. It helps you think outside of the box and come up with ideas that are uniquely you. You can choose which creativity youd prefer to work with, or can just leave them both active. A creative person can get it solely for artistic creativity, if that is what they want, and the same is true for someone less artistic who just likes to play. It is versatile and can grow to become quite potent, but consistent bonding and effort truly makes all the difference with this one.

Naturally, having an Aphrodites Lavender Pearl in your keep will improve your connection to Aphrodite. Working with Aphrodite is not necessary to bond with your Lavender Pearls successfully, but if Aphrodite takes a liking to you, she may initiate contact.

Please contact me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com   I will need to know if you prefer your Lavender Pearl bound to your spirit or to an object in your possession that youd like to use as a vessel. I do NOT currently have vessel options.

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