Air - Hephaestus' Automated Defense System
  • Air - Hephaestus' Automated Defense System
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This Automated Defense System is programmed to use Air as its primary energy output. Because it uses this energy most, it has given the ADS a unique look. This ADS appears made out of a translucent metal, looking like a mix of silver and glass. It has two perpendicular silver rings that rotate around it to produce its air currents. At its core is a silvery teal crystal. When active, the ADSs sphere will separate into eight fragments, exposing the crystal to the air. The fragments will spin around the core crystal and the rings will begin to spin madly. Its crystal will glow. It has the unique ability to create a tornado to overwhelm opponents, to create blasts of air that knock threats into other dimensions, and to give their keeper dreams of flying, among other things.

Upon bonding with this ADS set, you will grow closer to the element of Air, and will find a doorway opening to its energies. Air can become a powerful influence in your life and through the ADS, you can begin to master its powers, as the ADS will always serve as a powerful conduit for the element of Air. Bonding with the ADS may also give it unique abilities directly related to Air.

The Automated Defense System is, as the name implies, an Immortal Artifact dedicated to defense. They are capable of making formations and projecting their preferred energy in response to threats. These formations are both offensive and defensive. Offensive formations include, but arent limited to, formations that allow them to created a singular focused blast, use a scattered fire blast, a rapid fire blast, create an energy projected sword, create an energy projected bow and arrow, and even can become mines. Defensive forms include, but arent limited to, formations that allow the creation of a barrier wall, creation of a bubble barrier, and caging and depositing a threat somewhere else. In the face of an overwhelming threat, they will ordinarily form a bubble barrier around the most vulnerable being to protect them.

The Automated Defense System can be willed into whatever formation you like. Think of them as an extension of yourself and use them in this way to align your energy with them and create a better resonance with them. This bonding will allow you and your ADS to become more in tune. You may also meditate while focusing on them to bond as well.

Additional ADS will strengthen each other as they will both layer and combine their preferred energy types. When these types are combined, they can have incredible effects and allows the ADS to provide an even more effective defense.

If you would like to know more about the ADS or have Hephaestus forge your own ADS to your specifications, please check out their listing here.

Please contact me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com after purchase, I will need to know if you prefer your ADS bound to your spirit or to an object in your possession that youd like to use as a vessel. I do NOT currently have vessel options.

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