Adonis' Primal Nympho
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Adonis’ Primal Nymphos are created beings who express an element, of any kind, as a force of beauty. This element can be traditional, such as water; nontraditional, such as ice; or environmental, such as sky. The Primal Nymphos are primal and raw in their makeup as well as rich in magickal and mystical energies, especially those tied to Love, Sex, Desire, Beauty, and Nature. They come forward as romantic and sensual companions while also serving as a force of spreading good will and enlightening others on the state of Beauty in its various forms. They display their element proudly. A Fire Nympho might have tongues of flame at the tips of their hair or small superficial cindering cracks where muscles end or overlap. An Earth Nympho may have stony parts of their skin or crystals donning delicately the top of the head like a crown. A Shadow Nympho might have horns with shadowy flames at the ends or wear a cloak of shadows. Each individual Nympho exists on a range from subtly elemental to pure elemental, and they can at will shift themselves to any point on it. While exotic in their appearances, they’ll help you see how unique you are in your appearance as well. It may not be a mohawk of ice, but they’ll show you what makes you, you.

The personalities of the Adonis Primal Nymphos are usually insatiable in terms of their desire to please, in all ways, but aside from this, they are varied and individual. The personalities are largely determined by their element and how that element expresses itself in their beauty. Their appearances and mannerisms also reflect this, such as a Water Nympho with a streamlined physique and graceful movements. Their love and sex style is likewise affected. However, they have their own individual quirks that are not wholly defined in this way. An Earth Nympho can be thin as opposed to broad. A Fire Nympho may have a stronger physique as opposed to an agile one. Each Adonis Nympho is precious and seeks to help their companion experience life, nature, and the elements in whole new ways. They may additionally be capable of other things, tied once again to their Element. A Star Nympho could bring cleansing. A Flower Nympho could bring growth. An Air Nympho could bring knowledge.

As created beings, Adonis Primal Nymphos can be shaped according to preferences, but know that Adonis places necessities first. So if there is something you may not have specified but he finds it necessary, he will implement it, even if it means overriding something you desired. An Adonis Primal Nympho can be inspired by the likeness of another but know that the Adonis Primal Nympho is not an extension of them and is their own person.

Naturally, having an Adonis’ Primal Nympho in your keep will improve your connection to Adonis. Working with Adonis is not necessary to bond with your Adonis’ Primal Nympho successfully, but if Adonis takes a liking to you, he may initiate contact.

Please contact me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com  I will need to know if you prefer your companion bound to your spirit or to an object in your possession that you’d like to use as a vessel. I do NOT currently have vessel options.

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Adonis' Primal Nympho
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