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Adonis' Apni (Ahp-nee) are beings of passionate creativity, working both with the qualities of passion and creativity in equal parts. They are exceptionally gorgeous, and have an equally beautiful presence and personality to match.Their energy is inspirational, and having it brush against you ignites ideas and motivation. Their presence alone is highly beneficial, serving much akin to a muse, but more in depth interactions can cultivate some truly unique experiences for both of you. They are charismatic and friendly beings, naturally people-oriented. They are highly social, and given time, can have some extraordinary manifestations. While not necessarily sexual, most definitely lean toward a relationship. They can be quite nurturing with very suave demeanors and classic Hollywood appeal. They range from White Arts to lighter Dark Arts, occasionally dipping past the middle of the spectrum. They pair well with beneficial casting, protection workings, and astral travel, for those interested in the Apni’s magickal aptitudes.

For those who are creative, or who would like to become more creative, the Adonis Apni may become best friends. They gently help you remove the dusty cloth from on top of your creative efforts and get you thinking again, in both fluid and methodical ways. They aid with consistent motivation and help you understand your craft and process in whole new ways. They also help inspiring things gravitate toward you to keep the juices flowing, often helping the last pieces needed for a project to fall into place. They are excellent in helping those with fears, doubts, and anxieties move forward to something more fulfilling, even if you are in the beginning stages of learning a craft. They bring a lot of insight, awareness, and motion to anything creative in nature.

For those less interested in this creativity boosting aspect, Adonis Apni also stoke the flames of passion in all its forms, helping you feel more in touch with the things you like to do and help you do those things more effectively. It often does not matter what form this passion takes, so long as it is fulfilling you and bringing out the greater you. If it inspires you, the Apni help you become more resonant with it so you feel more and work with more. An Apni helps you find what makes you excited and brings forth greater purpose for the everyday. They are excellent aides and guides who want nothing more than help you learn more about you. They are also great when it comes to time management, scheduling, and organizing. They are amused in thinking of themselves as your sexy assistant or secretary.

Additionally, as an extension of their innate abilities, they aid third eye work, helping visualization turn into visions and help murky details become clearer and more crisp. They also aid in the awareness of energy and other sorts of spiritual presences and forces. They help you become more finely attuned to your environment and its various energetic influences, especially when there are hiding negative ones. They have a keen sight and a great sense for threats and deception. They also cultivate the ability to see greater beauty in the world and to appreciate the things you have rather than to want the things you don’t. Working creatively means to have clear vision and to see the things you’d like to create, so as a result, the Apni just happen to affect that sight in additional, highly beneficial ways.

Apni are intriguing beings, not wholly pre-existing but also not freshly formed. Think of the energy of a beautiful statue or work of art. The initial energy for an Apni is formed when these statues and works are damaged or ruined, as a sort of afterlife. From here, an Apni begins to form from this energy once it has roamed, processed what it is seen and what it has been, what others have experienced from it. Only after this budding Apni has brushed against the collective consciousness, like a final spark, is an Apni truly born fully formed. An Apni does not consume this originating energy, but is more like a flower blooming from a plant, if the flower could move, think, exist, and continue forward as a new life. While the Apni can shapeshift, they mostly enjoy a core form. You can ask for preferences in terms of looks and personality, but Adonis chooses based on resonance and compatibility, including those seeking romantic or sexual partners. Please keep this in mind and be open to who he chooses, you’ll deeply adore yours either way.

Naturally, having an Adonis’ Apni in your keep will improve your connection to Adonis. Working with Adonis is not necessary to bond with your Adonis’ Apni successfully, but if Adonis takes a liking to you, he may initiate contact.

Please contact me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com  I will need to know if you prefer your companion bound to your spirit or to an object in your possession that you’d like to use as a vessel. I do NOT currently have vessel options.

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